Resilient Response Initiative



Resilient Response is a coalition of nonprofits and corporations committing to a necessary shift in disaster-giving.

“With the strength and frequency of natural disasters increasing around the world, it is urgent for us to call on companies to take immediate action towards ensuring a more Resilient Response to natural disasters,” said Petra Nemcova, Co-Founder of All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response. We are thrilled to partner with Global Citizen, Good360 and global corporations as we proactively work towards building resilience beyond the focus of first response and protecting communities from future natural disasters.”

Launched on the heels of Hurricane Florence and on the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Maria, the Resilient Response initiative sheds light on the crucial and immediate need to adjust disaster-giving behaviors among corporations to better support response and long-term recovery.

According to studies by the National Science Foundation and the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, 60% of unsolicited goods given after a disaster end up in landfills (or otherwise go to waste) and 70% of giving occurs within the first two months. Only 5% of giving is allocated to reconstruction and recovery. While addressing immediate needs is critical, the current approach to giving does not effectively support long-term recovery.

“The challenges we face in the disaster recovery field are bigger than any single one of us,” said Howard Sherman, CEO of Good360. “Collaboration around thoughtful giving is at the core of what we do every day at Good360, so we are very happy to partner with like-minded organizations in order to raise awareness around the gaps in long-term disaster recovery and to collectively spearhead better ways to bring communities back to resiliency post-disaster.”

Resilient Response Pledge

  • Proactive: We will have plans in place before disaster strikes so we can respond effectively.

  • Needs-based: We will find out what a community needs as the key driver of our support, collaborating and learning from others who are also responding.

  • Immediate & Long-term: We will address immediate and long-term needs, staying in communities well after the cameras leaves.

  • Resilience focused: We will leave communities stronger than before disaster struck, helping them to better withstand future disasters.

  • Transparent: We will be transparent about our actions and hold ourselves accountable to deliver on promises.

  • Educational: We will educate our associates, colleagues, consumers and the public on how they can better respond to disasters.

“We know from our millions of Global Citizen's that they want to help when disaster strikes, especially in the poorest parts of the world,” said Simon Moss, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Campaigns at Global Citizen. “But, they’re looking for advice on how make their efforts - whether it’s time, money or stuff - really count. They’re wanting to be a part of a resilient response that will help communities in the long term, which is why we are so excited to partner on this campaign.”


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Robin Erler