GE Throttle Up Hologram

Anyone Can Build an Enormous Next-Generation Jet Engine.

Throttle Up began with a single creative thought: to create an experience that was a physical manifestation of what GE does — something that allows people to ‘make’ something of huge importance to the world. We decided to showcase the GEnx engine. Traditional media could not accomplish this, so we set out to create a massive, transcendental interactive and immersive experience.

GE’s Throttle Up was a large-scale interactive hologram experience that put the most advanced GE engine ever in the palm of visitors’ hands. It was a fully immersive experience integrating motion body capture and 3D holographic projection. By combining these technologies, visitors were able to interact with a life-size version of the GEnx engine through their own movements.

Throttle Up harnessed several cutting-edge technologies that have never been brought together before.

  • SOFTWARE: TACT (touch, real-time analytics and control technologies), Unity gaming engine, Reactive, REAL, custom designed, sound and sensory components

  • HARDWARE: Softkinetic sensor camera

  • DISPLAY: Largest Musion rendering in the world that allows viewers to interact in real-time with a 3D model without glasses.

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