NAC Brand Identity




As a brand that looked and felt outdated, The National Ability Center (NAC) needed a fresh and confident voice that matched their robust offerings and expertise. W&W conducted an intensive workshop with key stakeholders to help craft a provocative brand purpose and architecture and then partnered with a creative to bring that to life with a new visual identity.


“With the dialogue around inclusion continuously gaining momentum nationwide the National Ability Center, now alongside Splore Adventure programs, is uniquely positioned to lead the conversation on adaptive recreation and outdoor adventure programs,” said Gail Barille, CEO of the National Ability Center. “With over 70 years of combined experience in the adaptive recreation and outdoor adventure world, we can attest first hand to the challenges people face and how they can be conquered by unlocking their inner potential. We are a prime example of what is possible when we journey through challenges together. We are proud to debut our new brand as we engage in this national conversation.”

The National Ability Center is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that has united around a collective vision to inspire individual achievement and create a global impact for people of all abilities. A fundamental aspiration of the National Ability Center is to provide high-quality, inclusive programs to individuals and families of all abilities and backgrounds, including those in need.

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